Elvanto Integration

Elvanto Sync

We are pleased to offer the ability to connect your church Elvanto account with our Safe Ministry Training system.

What does that mean?
If your church subscribes to this service, in means that at regular intervals, our Safe Ministry Training system will identify people from your church who have recently completed Safe Ministry Training with us – either online courses or face to face – and will update the following information in your Elvanto account for those individuals:

  • Course Name
  • Date of course completion
  • Certificate number
  • WWCC number (usually only if a ‘V’ number has changed to an ‘E’)
  • SID Number ( if blank – see below)

Our system will also copy any existing information in those fields into a ‘Safe Ministry Training Log’ field for that person in order to preserve the historical training data.

This will happen automatically, without your church having to chase people for a copy of their training information and certificate number.
If there is any mismatch of information eg: a difference in the spelling of the persons name, no information is changed and your nominated church contact person will be emailed the details.

There is a cost for this service.
Currently this is: $50 set up fee and $50 per year.
So the first invoice to the church will be for $100, and then a reminder to continue the subscription for $50 will be sent just prior to the 12 month anniversary of your church’s agreement with us.
You can choose to pay by direct deposit, credit card or PayPal.

How it works:

In order to connect your Elvanto account with ours we require certain information from your church:

  • The name of the contact person that we will interact with. This can be an admin person, but most importantly it should be someone familiar with your Elvanto account and with sufficient permissions to access administrative information about the Elvanto account.
    Important note: The contact person will need to have setup an account on this site and be logged in, in order to complete the application process.
  • The Elvanto API key for your church account (You can find help with this here)
  • The field names that your Elvanto account uses for the following member information:
    • Date of birth
    • Surname
    • Email address
    • Safe Ministry Training course name (note: this has to be a text field, NOT a drop-down field – see below for further information)
    • Date of last course completion
    • Certificate number (text field)
    • WWCC number (this MUST be a text field, not numeric)
    • SID Number (a six digit numeric field) Note: This is an ID number used internally by the diocese for many functions that we create for everyone doing SMT. This will be the primary identification field used in the sync process.
    • The name of the Safe Ministry Training Log field created to hold historical training data.

That information should be entered into the form below, and the privacy statement read and agreed to.

Other required action for you:

  • A multi-line text field needs to be created for the Safe Ministry Training Log.
  • If the field used for the course name is a drop down (or similar) field, it must be changed to text field. This is the only way we can automatically update that field.
  • As part of the initial set up, we will provide a csv file with all the people we have from your church in the SMT system with their SID numbers. Those numbers should be imported into your Elvanto system for each person.

When you submit the form, you will be sent to a page with a link to the Elvanto Integration Setup product in our store.
Once you have proceeded through the checkout, an invoice with be generated generated and emailed to the contact person completing the form.
We will then verify the information, set up our system to access your church Elvanto account, and when payment is received (for direct deposits), begin the process of the initial syncing of data between our system and your church Elvanto account.
From that point on data syncing will occur at least once per week.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please raise a support ticket for assistance.

For more information on the technical aspects of making sure your Elvanto account will work with this integration, please download this document.

Application for Elvanto Integration

Please log in and then return to this page to see the form.