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Welcome as you gear up with Essentials for your Safe Ministry journey!

This course is designed for those who seek to be involved in any way in ministry to children, youth and other vulnerable people and have not already completed approved safe ministry training. This includes any person who is in a leadership role in the church. It may also include any person who is alone with a vulnerable adult for the purpose of ministry e.g. transporting a vulnerable person.

If you have not previously completed approved safe ministry training or your training has expired by more than 30 days you should complete the Safe Ministry Essentials course.

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This can be found below and in the My Course Dashboard page of your account. It contains the topics and sub-topics for this course that must be completed in order.

To progress through the course just read the material, watch any videos and complete the activities and checkpoint contained in each topic. The course content block will indicate your progress through the training with a green tick next to a topic heading once you have completed the checkpoint for that topic.

The time it will take to complete each topic will vary, but if you are already familiar with some of the material you may find you move through parts of the course fairly quickly. 

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Click/touch the headings to discover what you will cover in Essentials:
  • Foundations in Safe Ministry
  • Appropriate leadership in Safe Ministry
  • Best practice in Safe Ministry
  • Safe environments in Safe Ministry
  • Practical application in Safe Ministry – Live Webinar

You will develop a better understanding of:

  • Appropriate leadership
  • Leader characteristics
  • Power
  • Boundaries
  • Leader selection
  • Protecting people
  • Understanding and responding to abuse
  • Reporting abuse
  • Providing safe physical and emotional environments

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